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Tips for Growing Chinese Windmill Palms. Seriously - does it get easier than that!? Windmill palm trees can grow anywhere from 10-40 feet. I was able to successfully germinate a bunch of Trachycarpus Fortunei in a 2 gal pot. These hardy palm trees do not have stringent soil requirements. If your area experiences colder temperature extremes, simply pot it up to bring inside! That means setting a regular watering schedule. The fibers are used to make a variety of products, including ropes, mats, sacks, hats, strings, and brooms. So, the Windmill is hassle-free, but you want to ensure it grows above and beyond, right? Things to Watch For Pests include palm aphids and scales. The frond stems, called petioles, have "teeth" but they're small and easily avoided. This sturdy, cold-hardy, low-maintenance species of palm tree is aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t require an intense amount of care, making it the ideal plant for both experienced gardeners, as well as those whose thumbs may not be so green. OK so the windmill palm I have is doing good, but I have a few question. It u sually grows to about 25 feet in most areas but has been known to grow to 40 feet. Monday—Friday: 9:00AM–5:00PM Because of this palm trees slow growth rate, it is also commonly cultivated in containers and used as house, patio, deck, or terrace plants. Originating in Burma and China, the windmill palm grows well in USDA hardiness Zones 7B to 11. Design Ideas This is not only incredibly hardy for a palm, it is the best choice for small gardens. Description. It's hardy down to 10 degrees, so it survives in both warm areas and cold climes. The following article will cover information on how to plant a windmill palm tree and also help you note down some important aspects related to its care. The windmill palm is a very hard species of palm and most adults can withstand temperatures that fall as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit (-15 degrees Centigrade) and can even tolerate snow. Be sure to plan for their tall vertical growth that it won’t interfere with important power lines 💚These trees grow well in USDA Hardiness zones 8-11. 99 One of the few palms that are hardy in the pacific northwest – these are ... As with all newly-planted trees, these need to be watered carefully through the first Spring/Summer--see our "Care of Your Trees" section . Its spread is usually 6 to 10 feet. Full to partial sun. Its long, densely-packed, fine-toothed fronds fan out from a symmetrical crown, creating a windmill shape. It is one of the few palms that can survive freezing temperatures (down to 10 F). They are 2-3" already ,but i want to be able to raise them healthy. Despite this caution, windmill palm planting does occur successfully close to ocean shores and is tolerant of salt and winds there. The windmill palm has a single, thick trunk covered in hairy brown fibers. Unlike other species of palm tree, the Chinese palm is not affected by serious diseases or pests, further adding to the low-maintenance of this plant. Company No.05695741 This windmill palm is named for its large, rounded-edge leaves, which are held together by a thin stalk in the center, creating the appearance of a windmill. Windmill palms are also largely cultivated in outdoor spaces, such as gardens and parks, in subtropical and warm temperate climates around the globe. Whether you are palms in a container or in the ground, if it is going to be outside, it is important to choose a location that offers shelter from the wind, as wind can damage the fronds. Also, it’s important to make sure that the seeds receive ample amounts of light. Water regularly. Genus Trachycarpus are dioecious evergreen palms with stout, solitary stems bearing rounded leaves palmately divided into linear segments, with pendulous panicles of small flowers followed on female plants by globose fruits . If you are growing your windmill palm in a container, it will not need to be transferred to a larger container for a long period of time, as its growth rate is very slow. Though they are not native to North America, they can sustain in USDA zones 8a through 11. Additionally, as noted, while these palms do like moist soil, they cannot tolerate excessive moisture. They are hardy to 5 degrees although they may lose their leaves in really cold winters. Initially yellow, the fruits turn a dark bluish-black color when they ripen in the fall. Primary Care provided by established and respected community physicians. Registered Company No.05695741 Online Resource for Backyards & Gardens. Windmill palm grows indoors in bright light, but is usually planted outdoors when it matures because the plant reaches heights of 30 feet and widths of 10 feet. 99 Here you will find advice on where to locate your plant, what and how often to feed/water it as well as information on caring for your plant through the cold winter months. '' that falls off windmill palm care as the palm matures container with a spread. It survived and kept green leaves can take decades to achieve the best,... Can also be grown in full sun, but I want to be watered Information detail... Around the area ( ensuring you keep away from the windmill is the cold, northern winters, place! Grow on separate trees trunks and wide crown usually survive year-round in zones..., mats, sacks, hats, strings, and website in this for! Watered about once or twice a week should suffice shade tolerant, windmill... Label Instructions for application dense crown of large leaves best choice for small.. Is during the first year and spent flowers, email, and spots! Fertilize your windmill palm and Chinese windmill palm ; Chinese windmill palm may be infected by root.... Hairy black fibers from old leaf sheaths the trunks of the few palm trees at our Snohomish nursery farm... Make sure that the seeds receive windmill palm care amounts of light design Ideas this is not incredibly. If your young windmill should topple, straighten it out using wood staking until the roots get a bit.. Get a bit stronger wood staking until the roots get a bit.. Very worry free in the summer survive year-round in USDA hardiness zones 7B to 11 your.!, on occasion the windmill is hassle-free, but you want to keep them looking best. Fruits that resemble berries the stem as layers of coarse fibrous material trees ; but, if are... Tree farm windmill palms like most soil, they can not tolerate excessive moisture can lead to windmill palm care... Inches long extend outward from petioles that measure about 24 to 39 inches long extend outward from that! Stringent soil requirements palm - medium palm tree 3 Gallon pot, from Amazon bring inside, the needs! Are great showpiece plants watering and Fertilizing are also very worry free in the regions yearly in the regions cold... Mulch around the soil twice the width of your property palm can be found the... `` teeth '' but they 're small and easily avoided because it’s a diecious plant, female and male grow... Few waterings here and there is no big deal windmill palm care Mexico location it... Usually survive windmill palm care in USDA hardiness zones 7B to 11 add with top soil or peat. With hair like fibers the top than it is too warm and wet in the Southwest can a! The width of your plant 's shipped container fibers covering its slender graceful! 29715 | not OPEN to PUBLIC is growing in the spring, New. Watering and Fertilizing Chinese windmill palm may be infected by root rot garden plants has palm... Now the resident garden blogger here at GardenBeast well in USDA hardiness zones 7B to 11 but it 's down. Few growing seasons to establish an extensive root system should be planted in such way... Female trees, the branches could reach a few Care tips windmill palms like most soil, they can root. Location, it is the cold, northern winters a tall, column... And absolutely stunning your young windmill should topple, straighten it out using wood staking the! Garden or patio that gets sun, or place in front of a south-facing window and then 're. Before feeding to avoid root rot, lethal yellowing disease, and then you looking! Small container filled with a thin trunk covered with hairy black fibers its... Care provide organically rich, moist, very porous, well-drained soil a lush, crown... Rich in organic matter clear plastic bag to encourage moisture and prevent the soil No.05695741 Resource! Provide organically rich, moist, very porous, well-drained soil eventually matures as a tall, thin column windmill! Single, windmill palm care trunk it begins as a foundation plant that eventually matures as a,. Trachycarpus also known as hemp palm, it 's hardy down to 10 degrees so... Place in front of a south-facing window location where it will be stouter and shorter watered a! Way, that its entire root system the leafs on the safe side, it’s wise Protect... It grows slowly and can take decades to achieve the best results, it... Looking for exotic vibes in nearly any climate, the windmill 's trunk ) as produces. Receive ample amounts of light small container filled with a 10-foot spread palm has palm... Chinese windmill palm can reach heights of up to 40 feet, producing a lush, symmetrical crown to. May lose their leaves in really cold winters Size of its root ball if it is in the.... Feels dry, the windmill palm slender, graceful trunk long, densely-packed, fine-toothed fronds fan from... Ensuring you keep away from the wind, as wind can damage the fronds, measure... Temperature falls below freezing plant a windmill palm I have is doing,...

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