Our story

Hello shoppers! My name is Claire Brooks, owner of Fuzzylilhead. We are a handmade children clothing company specialized in Going home sets for newborn freshly coming out of the hospital on their way home.

Our story fortunately (I can say now!) did not start like most stories. Fuzzylilhead started on Etsy as just a hobby. I have always loved to sew but I didn’t know how exactly. I was a stay at home mom with no work experience and a little boy. Beside the joy of being a mom, I felt sometimes useless. I wanted to share something with the world, but I didn’t know how.

In 2013, after making a Christmas bow tie that unexpectedly made lots of sales, I was given a sewing machine as a Christmas gift!

Fuzzylilhead didn’t really took off until 2017, after a shocking life event where I was left with absolutely nothing but my sewing machine, my little boy and a little bit of hope. From there, I ‘ve learned the best I could to sew and Fuzzylilhead was made official a couple of months after!

We handle all aspects of the business from designing, to cutting, sewing and we love every bit of it!

This has been a true venture for us, and we can never thank you enough for choosing us to be a part of your most precious moments.

You are sure to find our most unique piece here for the most affordable price. Our Goal here is that we provide you with the best quality of service and that we inspired more than one with our story for the better of our community.

Thank You!